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Every year I look forward to getting the Vice photo issue. If I could describe the issue in one word, it would be fresh: full of imagery I’ve never seen from (many) photographers I’ve never heard of. We don’t miss much here at Feature Shoot, and Vice always keeps it interesting. This year, with new photo editor Matthew Leifheit at the helm, is no exception.
I asked Leifheit a few questions about nudity, Terry Richardson, fruit topiaries and the opening party this Thursday night in Red Hook, Brooklyn.
This is your first year as the photo editor at Vice. How did you approach the curation for the photo issue? 
“I went through a lot of different ideas when I first started thinking about the issue early this spring. I would take long lunches at Kasia’s, the Polish diner on Bedford Ave down the street from our offices, and fill a legal pad with (mostly bad) ideas while I slowly ate pierogies. I would come up with a theme, and think about whose work might fit, then list some names. To be honest I’ve been collecting Vice photo issues for years, so I’ve been thinking about what I might do differently if it were up to me in some capacity for quite a while.”

—Eyeballs, Vagina’s, and Raves in Chicago: Photo Editor Matthew Leifheit Talks About VICE’s 2014 Photo Show


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